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The Golden Visa programme in Portugal is quite simply one of the most attractive residency programmes in the world for 

investors, offering non-EU citizens, and their families, the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful quality of life, great weather and safety that Portugal has to offer, as well as the advantage of being part of the European Union with the freedom to travel within the Schengen Area without being obligated to reside permanently in Portugal.


The Golden Visa - what is it?


The Golden Visa programme is a fast track for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal. Aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal, the Golden Visa is a very straightforward and flexible programme, with simple and clear legal requirements and extremely reduced minimum stay requirements.


To qualify for the Golden Visa, applicants must satisfy the investment criteria which includes the purchase of property (or 

properties) under the following conditions (investment made after 8 October 2012):


- Acquisition of a property equaling or exceeding € 500,000.00


- Acquisition of a property equaling or exceeding € 350,000.00 when the construction dates back more than 30 years or is located in urban regeneration areas


Properties acquired can be freely rented and let for commercial, agricultural and 

tourism purposes.


Key benefits of a golden visa


1. Straightforward and flexible investment requirements with minimum documentation needed for application.

2. Flexibility to reside outside of Portugal even after the residence permit is granted - the minimum stay requirements are exceptionally low (a minimum of 7 days stay in Portugal required within the 1st year, and 14 days within each of the 

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following 2 year periods).

3. Freedom to travel in the Schengen Area. Golden Visa holders need not apply for a visa to travel within Europe.

4. Ability to apply for a family reunification visa to enable family members to also be granted a Portuguese residence permit – this carries no requirement to make further investment and will allow families to live, study, travel and work freely in the entire European Union.

5. Eligibility to apply for permanent residency after 5 years and Portuguese nationality after 6 years.

6. Access to all Portuguese public services including (but not limited to) health and education.


The Golden Visa is originally issued for one year and then renewed for successive periods of two years, provided that the 

investment activity is maintained and the minimum stay periods in Portugal are met.



WHAT WE OFFER – an all-in-one service


We will help you to select the property, negotiate it, agree the purchase contract and represent you in deed and registry.


We will represent you at the Portuguese authorities throughout the residency application, family reunification application and renewal processes.


We will provide you with a package of legal services covering all aspects of your property acquisition and application for 

residency permit.


Other services available upon request:

Accounting; Interpreter and translation services; Hotel reservations, Airport pick-up etc.


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